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Kotobukiya MSG Heavy Weapon Unit 21 Dragon Arms Ryuu Bi

Kotobukiya MSG Heavy Weapon Unit 21 Dragon Arms Ryuu Bi

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This is a set of optional parts for modifying or detailing robot and other science-fiction kits.

This unique heavy weapon set was designed by Naohiro Kajio! It features 3mm and 5mm ports so it can be used with Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girls and Hexa Gear items.  It features the Dragon Grave long dragon sword with a movable blade, the Twin Fang features a movable blade mounted to a ball joint, and the shoulder armor can be worn by some Frame Arms Girls and Megami Device figures. Combine the entire unit with the Heavy Weapon Unit 20 (sold separately) to create the dramatic Drago Mode! Improve your armaments and get yours today!

  • [Size]: Approximately 23.5cm long in Dragon Grave mode
  • [Materials]: PS, PE 

[Set Contents]:

  • Dragon Grave (long sword)
  • Attachment for Dragon Grave in stored form
  • Dragon Grave attachment parts for Drago Mode
  • Sangyong (x2)
  • Tenryu Aoi (x2)
  • Machine Dragon Arm (x2)
  • Shoulder armor connection parts for Frame Arms Girls (1 set)
  • Shoulder armor connection parts for Megami Device (1 set)
  • Frame parts A (x2)
  • Frame parts B
  • Frame parts C
  • Frame parts D (x2)
  • Frame parts E (x2)
  • Frame base
  • Hexagram PC (1 set)
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