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Kotobukiya MSG Hand MB45 Normal Hands Neo

Kotobukiya MSG Hand MB45 Normal Hands Neo

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Product Features:
-Size: Approx. L25mm
-"Hand Unit Normal Hand" with new style and structure.
-The hand part comes in a total of 4 types (set of left and right for each) and all of them features a swing-axis.
-3 types of connection parts have been prepared:
--3.0mm diameter axis
--3.5mm diameter ball joint
--5.0mm diameter ball joint
-The item now fits products from various series such as Frame Arms and Hexa Gear.

-Weapon holding hand
-Open hand A
-Open hand B
-Open hand C

Weapon holding hand:
Perfect to hold M.S.G Weapon Unit/Heavy Weapon Unit.
It has a soft gripping angle and it can be easily combined with blades.
By changing the swing axis it's also possible to obtain 2 different angles.

Open hand A:
Open hand with an orthodox shape.
You can use it as it is or to support firearms.

Open hand B:
An open hand with aligned fingers joins the Normal Hand series for the first time.
It can be used as hand chop, hand piercing and salute, and by using the swing axis it's possible to recreate other techniques such as palm strike.

Open hand C:
Large open hand for powerful movements.
It can be used for attacking movements and bare-hand fighting poses.
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